In spirituality including mysticism, visions comprise inspirational renderings, generally of a future state and/or of a supernatural being and are believed (by followers of certain religions) to come from a deity, sometimes directly or indirectly via prophets, and serve to inspire or prod believers as part of a revelation or an epiphany. Some take the word vision to be synonymous with apparitional experience. Religious visions are generally categorized as miracles and or enigmatic happenings. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, in addition to the religious visions mentioned above, the term vision (theoria) can refer to the experience of the “Energies” of God, as the result of the purified nous.[citation needed] Visions generally have more clarity than dreams, but traditionally fewer psychological connotations. The psychological mechanism to engender visionary perception and trance phenomena is focused intention and attention. Entheogens (such as peyote) have traditionally assisted in the generation of visions among diverse cultures, as well as in modern western culture.