News from the field

Year 2022, we see VISION’s youth leaders as activists & change makers in our society. Their activism and philosophical outlook comes from years of capacity enhancement, both motivating and inspiring them.

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Multan, March 2022

In March 2022, team VISION actively participated in community events, and planned and performed puppet shows in Multan.

Team VISION visited female transgender deras (living spaces) in Multan to celebrate International Women’s Day with them.

Team VISION re-visited schools for follow-ups and liaison building, and to distribute puppet performance banners.

VISION’s puppet group held a number of performances in government/ public schools. Our goal was to help children understand the importance of inclusivity, unity, education and respect of fellow humans, and how discrimination and bullying undermine these values.

Team VISION visited schools in Multan to meet with their administration regarding upcoming puppet performances for children.

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