VISION’s approach improves access to safe, gender-sensitive, and positive learning environments in formal and non-formal educational settings. We also increase access of out-of-school children to safe and inclusive non-formal learning spaces. We support children to take on Junior Leader roles so they can act as change agents and contribute to improving child participation, gender equality, and child protection. Below are some of the child-participatory activities:

Drawing Sessions

One of the key activity of VISION is drawing. In drawing sessions, children are encouraged to express themselves creatively.

Interactive Games

Interactive games are design in a way to contribute in the educational process by engaging children in a fun and energetic manner.

Puppet Shows

Puppet shows are used as an effective medium to convey educational messages related to health and hygiene, unity, the importance of education, and related to climate change.

Storytelling Exercises

Storytelling sessions are conducted, to build a positive personality of children and to give them confidence so that they can express themselves in entertaining and effective manner.


Health and Hygiene

Increased understanding among children about the importance of health and hygiene practices and adoption of healthy habits to improve personal hygiene among children.

Non-Formal Education

Improved knowledge, enhanced literacy, and basic life skills in children through engaging in activities like interactive games, puppet shows, storytelling, drawings, and theater contributing to further education.

Awareness of Climate Change

Enhanced awareness in children regarding climate change, emphasizing the importance of a clean environment, water conservation, and the significance of trees. Increased sense of environmental responsibility.

Promotion of Positive Behaviors

Positive behaviors through interactive activities and puppet shows, developing a sense of respect and empathy towards children, elders and tourists visiting Murree.