VISION’s approach is inclusive, and gender-sensitive. It nurtures a positive learning environment in formal and non-formal education settings. One of the main objectives of VISION’s work is to increase access of out-of-school children to safe and inclusive non-formal learning spaces. Vision believes that children are the change agents of tomorrow and thus it instill leadership qualities in children.

From streets to becoming a responsible family men: stories that remain untold.

“The future environmentalist: we will save our forests and bring back the wildlife.”

Taking charge of our own lives: Skill-building getting redefined

Haji Kiran

  “I first met the VISION team when I had gone to Guru Kala’s house. They were imparting a training and I immediately liked them as the discussion was very informative. During the first ten minutes of the training, my knowledge substantively increased’, recalls the 47 year old Kiran.”

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Guru Kala

Transgender people are considered to be the downtrodden individuals of the society and are thought to be used as a means of entertainment only. They are pushed out of their homes at an early age because their families are embarrassed to be associated with them.

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“Character Building of children in and out of schools”

Health and Hygiene

Increased understanding among children about the importance of health and hygiene practices and adoption of healthy habits to improve personal hygiene among children.

Non-Formal Education

Improved knowledge, enhanced literacy, and basic life skills in children through engaging in activities like interactive games, puppet shows, storytelling, drawings, and theater contributing to further education.

Awareness of Climate Change

Enhanced awareness in children regarding climate change, emphasizing the importance of a clean environment, water conservation, and the significance of trees. Increased sense of environmental responsibility.

Promotion of Positive Behaviors

Positive behaviors through interactive activities and puppet shows, developing a sense of respect and empathy towards children, elders and tourists visiting Murree.