Internal Child Trafficking in Pakistan

This report features data collected during outreach activities. It was collated and analyzed through a Management Information System (MIS). The data was collected by individuals trained in child protection and research ethics.

Contextual Understanding of Pedophilia and Homosexuality

Sexuality remains an unexplored issue in most parts of the world. Child sexuality even less so. Researching and understanding this issue is critical, and this literature survey takes the first steps in framing the questions we need to ask moving forward.

Peshawar – mapping children on the streets

State of war and political instability in several regions in Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa (KPK) may be driving children to the streets in Peshawar where they may be just as vulnerable as street children in other major Pakistani cities. Through observing the movements of groups and individual children on the streets in Peshawar, VISION’s goal was to create a data map to help identify patterns of concern potentially related to trafficking, and to determine the reasons behind the influx and movement of unaccompanied and vulnerable children in this region.

Survey on Internal (Within Country) Child Trafficking, Child labour and relevant laws 

The goal of this study is to measure and analyze the general public’s knowledge, attitude and practices relating to child labor, trafficking and related laws in Pakistan. Specifically, laws prohibiting child labor and trafficking, and knowledge concerning the many physical and mental stresses that a child might endure when working. In addition to this, we also wanted to assess how people’s knowledge of these laws, and understanding of children’s vulnerability as underage workers, informed their own practices.

Exploring the Mechanics of Male Child sexuality in the context of the street

An adult who has a child’s best interests at heart is most likely to effectively intervene and rescue the child from a sexually abusive or exploitative situation. In most cases, this falls to the child’s parents or close relatives. Poverty and harsh living conditions, however, can change a family’s notion of caring for children and could lead to child neglect. The core study at the heart of this report analyzes the home environment challenges for children living or working on the streets, specifically how this could lead to an early expression of sexuality in children who may not have the benefit of adult caregivers or safe spaces at home. 

Preventive Counselling Workshop (Follow-up Report)

Preventive Counseling Workshop(follow-up):  Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) amongst MSM , Dhaka Bangladesh, May 2000

Collaborating Partners: Bandhu Bangladesh, Akbar Foundation USA, VISION Pakistan