Internship Description

Internship Description:
-Interns may choose a specific project area: Child protection, Street Children Rehabilitation, or Rights of the Girl Child.
-Within these areas, Vision offers interns three project options which will contribute to their resumes: Interns may complete a short video project or publication layout design (Visual media/ Graphic Design internship), edit and potentially co-author copy for web and/or print (Print Media internship), or contribute to social media outreach efforts (New Media internship).
-Vision will provide interns the training and equipment they need to complete their projects. Interns will also receive screen-credit or citation in print for their work, depending on their project.
– We have projects in mind for all areas mentioned above, but we encourage interns to come to us with their own unique ideas too.

We don’t want you to come help us do our work. In fact, we have some of the best staff available to support our organization’s mission goals. We do, however, want to equip the next generation of young change-makers with the research and analysis tools they will need to make change happen. If you are interested in pursuing an internship involving a Vision initiative NOT mentioned above, please indicate that in your application.