Growing up with Usman and Chottu

Usman is worried: He is getting taller and stronger… and sprouting hair on his arms and legs! Can’t he stay a little boy forever? Fortunately, his good friend Chottu knows what growing up is all about.

This workbook geared towards primary school children explains how bodily changes are natural, and that growing up can be a beautiful experience.

Transgender Protection Act of 2018 Training manual for transgender community

Pakistan passed its Transgender Protection Act in 2018, guaranteeing Pakistan’s transgender citizens the same rights under law as all other citizens. But far too many transgender individuals still don’t know what this means for them. Who can they call on when facing discriminatory behavior from neighbors or landlords? What rights do they have when dealing with police harassment?

VISION believes awareness is key to empowering a community. That is our goal with this training manual: To inform and empower transgender communities across Pakistan with clear information regarding their rights, and responsibilities, under law.

Usman and his friends

Usman’s friends are great! Except that one is hiding a dangerous secret.

This workbook geared towards primary and secondary school children helps to open discussions on the dangers of glue addiction.

Transgender rights and sensitization training manual for police personnel

How to deal with police harassment has been the most frequently-asked question over the many years VISION has interfaced with transgender communities.

We believe a better-informed police force can go a long way to guaranteeing the rights of transgender individuals and preventing police harassment. And, after years of efforts, VISION also convinced Pakistan’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to act.

In 2019, the NHRC asked VISION to create a manual and workshop series to begin training civic administration personnel, along with policemen and women in the larger cities in Pakistan.

This manual and other training materials are being made available to all precincts interested in training their personnel.