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Transgender Protection Act 2018

Sharing Our Experiences

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Civil Defence & Ombudsman Office (2020)

Provincial Ombudsman, Rawalpindi 2020- VISION Filed a complaint against Civil Defence on discrimination of transgender population in Murree. Click to read more…

Swat case & Office of District Police Officer (2019)

Office of District Police Officer 2019- VISION Filed a complaint against municipal authorities on forced eviction of transgender population from Swat.

Formal Educational Institutions & Supreme Court (2018)

Supreme Court of Pakistan 2018- VISION Filed a CPLA (Civil Petition for Leave to Appeal) to register the children of sex workers in formal educational institutions.

Mardan Case & Supreme Court (2017)

VISION mobilized the Trans-women and facilitated them to file the petition at the Human Rights Cell of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Persisting and following it up with SCHRC (Supreme Court Human Rights Cell) to order the local administration to provide protection to the community and register the FIR (First Investigation Report).

VISION as subject expert on child trafficking (2017)

Supreme Court of Pakistan 2017-Maid torture case: VISION called-on as subject expert on child trafficking by the Chief Justice of Pakistan

WRIT against HIV & AIDS testing without informed consent (2001)

High Court, Lahore 2001- VISION Filed a WRIT against HIV & AIDs testing of Transgender population without informed consent.